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Posts published by “Jean Gabriel”

James Packer Departs as Crown’s Chairman

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According to recent news reports, James Packer stepped down as the chairman of Crown Resorts Limited. Crown Resorts, which is based out of Australia, has several holdings in Macau. The aforementioned…

Taxi Driver from Hits a £89,000-Worth Jackpot

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Little did Goksel Selay, a taxi driver from Swanley, Kent know that he would be going home a rich man when he decided to try his luck at Western Esplanade’s Genting…

Georgie Porgie Game Review

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Win Big with Georgie Porgie Everyone wants to play slot machines that pay big. Georgie Porgie, the nursery rhyme kid that when around kissing girls and making them cry, gives players the…

Chinese Man Wins Lottery but Remains Anonymous

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The greatest thing about winning the lottery is getting all of that money. However, there are downsides to being a lottery winner. Many people hate having to deal with the attention surrounding…