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Chinese Man Wins Lottery but Remains Anonymous

Jean Gabriel 0

The greatest thing about winning the lottery is getting all of that money. However, there are downsides to being a lottery winner. Many people hate having to deal with the attention surrounding them. They do not like the cameras, interviews and complete strangers poking into their life.

A Chinese man who recently won the lottery discovered a great way to remain anonymous. Since he had to go pick up his winnings from the lottery office, he knew that people would spot him. Cameras are never far behind a lottery office after the winner is announced.

This man went inside the lottery office in a bear costume. Yes, that is right; he dressed up as a giant bear to go get his $85 million check. This is not an unusual custom in China. A lot of people find ways to remain anonymous and still get the money.

Compared to the United States, where only five states allow you to stay legally anonymous, this is great for Chinese citizens. They have a chance to win the lottery and continue to live a normal life should they get all that money. There were reports a few months ago of a Chinese man wearing a Mickey Mouse costume when he went to go get his check. Others have dressed up as pandas or other animals. These full costumes ensure that a person’s height, weight, and physical features are completely unrecognizable to onlookers.

Despite wearing his bear costume, this month’s winner did say a few words to the media. Refusing to take off his costume, he said that he was delighted to have won. He said that he does not buy the lottery tickets regularly, but he had a feeling this week that it would be a lucky time. The winner of this lottery edition will pay around $17 million in tax to the Chinese government before taking home the rest of his winnings.