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Georgie Porgie Game Review

Jean Gabriel 0

Win Big with Georgie Porgie Everyone wants to play slot machines that pay big. Georgie Porgie, the nursery rhyme kid that when around kissing girls and making them cry, gives players the opportunity to win serious money online at the slots.

The nursery rhyme about the boy who loved pudding and pie is brought to life across five reels and 15 pay lines. Players begin by choosing the coin size – anywhere from one penny to one dollar. From there, they activate all 15 pay lines and begin to spin. Various logos and symbols will show up across the screen. This includes the standard A, J, K, and others as well as the Georgie Porgie logo. Hitting this logo is a great thing because it’s the wild symbol.

Any win with this wild symbol will be paid at a 5X multiplier. When any of the Georgie Porgie wilds show up on their own, they can be awarded anywhere between 1250 and 75,000 coins depending upon how many symbols are on the reels. The game continues to pay big because of fresh mint scatters. Georgie Porgie needs some refreshing breath spray if he’s going to kiss the girls – but that’s still going to make them cry unfortunately. The good news for players is that it activates some different pace.

Two of the symbols will result in a 2X pay off the bat. Three or more symbols will award free spins and all of the free spin games will be played with a 5X multiplier. Three scatters equals 15 spins, four scatters equals 20 free spins, and five scatters equals 25 free spins. As if those weren’t enough to be able to win big, there is also a “gamble” button. Just as Georgie is gambling on kissing the girls in the hopes that one wound cry, players can gamble on whether they can double or quadruple their money.

A card shows up on the screen, face down, and players must choose whether it is red or black. The card is revealed and if they choose right, their winnings are doubled. There is also the opportunity to choose the suit and quadruple the money. This continues until the person has reached their limit or the gambling limit has been reached. Microgaming has created a hit with their Rhyming Reels lineup. Watching girls cry after being kissed by a drooling idiot has never been so entertaining – and so financially rewarding. Whether you play $0.15 per game or $15 per game is up to you – the fact that there are various ways to play for little money is what makes the game fun for everyone.

Money gets loaded into the account and players can continue to spin the reels over and over again until they have had enough fun with Georgie Porgie. There are lots of ways to win with the various combinations. The jackpot is a whopping 375,000 coins, which is what everyone is trying to work toward. Whether it pays for you or not is a matter of time. The only way to find out is to play for yourself and see what this nursery rhyme favorite has in store for you.