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Meet the Canucks!

I’ve always enjoyed bicycling, especially in autumn. My name is Richard Roberts, and I’d intended to become a world-class cyclist since I was 15. Residing in Ottawa, just south of the Ottawa River, I’ve always felt Quebec reconciled diversity and community rather well, and I’d love to see Canada’s cultural future. Make money by playing online casino games.

I met Jaime Adams in March 2002. Together, we decided to dedicate our love of sports, good food and good people to a cultural depiction of Canada. The country is large, the neighbors are meek, and there’s always a spot of fun in Gatineau Park. Where I live, major roads are closed to promote jogging, biking and hiking, and that’s all right by me.


Jaime Adams frequents Mont St. Marie’s slopes, and he enjoys the 60-mile trek it requires. With all the fantastic and attractive resorts located in Mont-Tremblant, I can’t say I blame his enthusiasm. Enjoying Canada’s wealth of opportunities is easy when you’ve opened your eyes a little, and there’s always more to do. isn’t about us; it’s about the people. Representing one’s country is a chief virtue, and we believe information holds the keys to freedom for most people. We hope our visitors will understand the joys of judo, rugby, cricket, camping, soccer, sailing and snowshoeing. We hope they’ll take pride in our flag, our birds, our exports and our people.

A deep understanding of culture is always important, and in 2010, Jaime Adams defined our direction. It’s our dream to deliver information, and it’s our dream to inspire our citizens, regardless of their roots. One needn’t be confined to traditionalism, and Canada’s landscapes and cities offer a lot of combating ideals and experiences. We feel too many people are confined to their homes, and we intend to drive them outside. Together, we’ll explore landscapes, hike, fish and snowboard. We’ll chat by fires and discuss politics. Canada is always growing and so are its opportunities.