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Taxi Driver from Hits a £89,000-Worth Jackpot

Jean Gabriel 0

Little did Goksel Selay, a taxi driver from Swanley, Kent know that he would be going home a rich man when he decided to try his luck at Western Esplanade’s Genting Club. Selay, who prefers playing roulette and started off with the same game at the casino quickly shifted to the blackjack table when he realised that he was not going to win big in roulette.

He also noticed that the price money to be won was much higher in blackjack. He decided to pay Blackjack Aces, where he got four Aces and emerged as the winner, taking home a whooping £89,950-worth of jackpot. Selay has been playing at the instant casinos for ten years now, but had never experienced a big win before.

Big plans

Like most jackpot winners, Selay could not believe his eyes when he saw that he had won the jackpot. When asked about how he plans to spend the money, he said that he would be buying a new car for his better half and using a part of the winning to renovate his family home. He has two children and he also plans to save some money for their education.

Call it intuition, call it luck

Interestingly, a few days before winning, he had told his wife about a dream where he had won a big amount. The night when he won, he did not get enough rides, which is when he decided to head to the Genting Club. The general manager of the club, Simon Woodford, congratulated Selay and mentioned that it is a pleasing feeling to watch people win the jackpot, especially those who plan to use it wisely. He said that he was much more happy to see that the winner was Selay, one of their regulars.